Sorting, Filtering and Sharing Results

Resources can be sorted and filtered using the Sort and Filter drop-downs. 

Sort results

Clicking the Sort tab opens the Sort panel and it provides options for sorting the results list.

The "Sort results by" drop-down list can include: Relevance, Date last modified, Date created, Title or User rating. Selecting the Reverse order of results checkbox reverses the selected sort order, for example reversing a title ordering from A–Z to Z–A.

Click the Sort drop-down again to toggle the Sort panel display.

Sort Options

Filter results

Clicking the Filter tab displays the Filter panel which provides options for reducing the number of displayed results by entering filter criteria. Clicking the Filter drop-down again closes the filter options display.

The following filters are available:

Filter Options

Share Search results

Search results can be shared with other users by sending them the search results for their use.
Clicking the Share tab at the top of the Results box displays the Share search query pane where results can be shared by: RSS or Atom feed, via URL and via e-mail.

Share Options