Getting Started

To start using the NCLOR with Canvas, you must log into a Canvas course where you are the instructor/teacher. Note: Different institutions will log in to Canvas in different ways, therefore, follow your local instructions for logging into your Canvas instance.

If you are a K-12 user in North Carolina, you can follow the instructions below to log into the NCLOR via Canvas.

  1. Navigate to the NCEdCloud Portal page. (
  2. Enter your NCEdCloud Username and Password in the login window.

    NC EdCloud Login Screen

  3. Next, click on the Canvas icon in the My Applications Tab.

    My Application Area on the IAMs Portal

  4. You should be logged into your LEAs or Charter Schools Canvas instance. 

    Canvas Homepage

    Each LEA or Charter School Canvas instance may look different but in this tutorial, we will display the default theme in Canvas. 

IMPORTANT: Only Canvas instances of NC educational institutions will be allowed to access the NCLOR.