Contributing a Resource via Canvas

The Contribute page provides the ability to create a new NCLOR resource that can then be selected and added to a Canvas course (depending on the moderation process required prior to a resource ‘going live’).

To contribute a new NCLOR resource:

  1. Select the Contribute link from the integration screen. The Contribute page displays.


  2. Select a collection (e.g. K-12 account holders only) from the list of collections to display a contribution wizard that will guide the user through the contribution process. 
  3. Complete the information required per the wizard. Wizard controls and requirements will differ for each collection. You can navigate through the wizard by using the buttons at the bottom of the wizard or the right-hand page menu.
  4. To submit the resource to the repository, click the "Save" button to continue.
  5. If the resource is not ready to be submitted, either:
    a. Click the "Save draft" button to save the resource as a draft and can be edited and submitted later, or
    b. Click the "Cancel" button to close the dialog and return to the resource for further editing.

    Publish, Draft and Cancel buttons

  6. If the resource is ready to be submitted, click the publish button. The resource is published to the repository and can be selected for adding to a course.
  7. If the collection selected for contribution is associated with a moderation workflow, click the Submit for moderation button to enter the resource into the moderation workflow. The Summary page displays with the Canvas panel.

    Submit for Moderation Button

  8. The contribution is complete and you can now link the resource back to a Canvas course.