Adding NCLOR resources from within a Canvas module

Currently, there are two ways to access the NCLOR from Canvas. You can add resources from the course navigation menu or from within a Canvas module.

Adding NCLOR resources from within a Canvas module

NCLOR resources can be added to a Canvas course module from the module itself. Using this method allows the user to add a single NCLOR resource at a time, and that resource will be added to the course module.

To add an NCLOR resource to a module you should:

  1. Select Modules from the course navigation menu. A list of course modules displays on the screen.
  2. Click the plus button beside the module the resource is to be added to.

    Module button and Add Button on the Modules Screen

    The Add item to Module name dialog opens.

  3. Select External Tool from the Add drop-down list.

    Add External Tool screen

    A list of available external tools displays.

  4. Locate and select NCLOR from the list.

    NCLOR external Tool dialog box

  5. The NCLOR Select page displays.

    Link Resource from External Tool Screen

  6. Next, search for a resource you wish to add to your course. For this example, we are going to search for a resource about the "Battle of New Orleans" (For more information on using the search screen, see the NCLOR Integration Screen section.)
  7. On the search results page, you may select either the complete summary page, "full screen" package viewer, or just the attachment link to share with students by using the down arrow. Most of the time you will want to share only the attachment with students.

    Search Results with Down Arrow and Add Button

    Note: You can preview multiple attachments at once by selecting Full Screen.

  8. When you click on the add button, you will see the return selections screen. You may change version option from latest available version to fix to "current" version. 

    Return Selections Screen

  9. Click the Return Selection button to add the resource to the module.
  10. Next, you will see the Add External Tool window again. 

    Add External Tool screen Properties Window

  11. On the Add External Tool window, click the "Load in a new tab" option. (This step is not always needed but it helps with browser security issues.) You may also change the title of the resource if you wish. Do NOT alter the URL listed or the resource will not function correctly.
  12. Click the "Add Item" button on the Add External Tool window.
  13. You should see the resource added to your module.

    resource added to canvas external tool example

  14. Next, click on the link to load the resource to a new window.

    Load to a New Window button

  15. Lastly, the resource is displayed in a new browser window.

    Battle of New Orleans Example Window

    For more information on using the integration, click the NCLOR Integration screen section in this tutorial.